About Umbrella in a Box

Our team have been building, operating Umbrella Companies for over 12 years.


Who we are

Umbrella in a Box has been developing
bespoke services and cloud-based software
over the past 12 years. We have worked with
multiple private clients providing an
efficient and full supported packages for
accountancy companies. Due to the current
unprecedented demand for Umbrella
Companies, Umbrella in a Box was created.

There's no need to pay for costly software or waste countless hours with administration.


we manage all your payroll functions, so you never have to worry about payments. Employees are paid accurately on time - every time.


We manage your employment obligations, so you have no worries about holiday pay, maternity or sickness cover, or pensions.


We keep you dynamically compliant automatically, so you never have to worry about changing legislation causing stress or financial risk.


We keep you onside with HMRC with automatic calculations and payments, so you know all HMRC Tax and NI is paid on time without fines.

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