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Set up a new income stream with an Umbrella Company rapidly - without the hassle

Introducing Umbrella in a Box

Product Benefits

Setting up and running your own small scale Umbrella is not straightforward or financially viable. But what about one that's both fast and easy to set up, that benefits from the support of experienced professionals?
Low barrier to entry

You do not have to invest time and money in developing your own system. We have prepared everything you will ever need.

Fully integrated cloud based software

One place, all the tools. Seamlessly move from one process to the next efficiently, securely.

Complete white label back office

Log in to your online branded version from anywhere, anytime. Run reports, process employees when it suits you.

Full PAYE Employment

We provide all requirements and proven processes to onboard, maintain, and off-board employees risk-free, error-free.

Realtime HMRC payments

Calculate tax deductions and submit payments using the RTI gateway effortlessly at scale.

Contractor portal and app

Let them do the work of validation, submitting timesheets with easy to use portals, reducing your workload.

Fast setup and on-boarding

Takes weeks not months starting, with easy to follow instructions and full setup support.

Fully managed and maintained software

We handle all technical development of the software, servers, and infrastructure, saving you any stress or inconvenience of system errors.

Full insurance coverage

Never worry about insurance with employers liability, public liability, and professional indemnity all catered for and sourced by our experts.

Always compliant, supported by experts

No need to spend hours reacting to changes in legislation, our pro team update the system automatically so you’re always compliant

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we manage all your payroll functions, so you never have to worry about payments. Employees are paid accurately on time - every time.


We manage your employment obligations, so you have no worries about holiday pay, maternity or sickness cover, or pensions.


We keep you dynamically compliant automatically, so you never have to worry about changing legislation causing stress or financial risk.


We keep you onside with HMRC with automatic calculations and payments, so you know all HMRC Tax and NI is paid on time without fines.

If your end users have valuable workforce caught by IR35 you can continue to engage with them and your best contractors


Now any recruitment agency can take control of their workers employment

We make setting up your own Umbrella Company easy and cost effective. No need to outsource to third parties or lose to the ever-changing environment.

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