Staying competitive in today’s business world.

Perhaps you have already been planning for IR35 changes in April 2021 or perhaps the uncertainty has made it difficult to know exactly how to respond. Either way, we are in a rapidly changing working environment – adaptation is vital.

Companies do not fail because of shifts in their industry environment, they fail because they are unwilling or incapable of making the necessary adaptations to survive (or thrive) under the new framework.  

Embracing change and having the ability to adapt keeps you relevant, valuable and maintains your competitive edge. Just because you choose to evolve and remain current does not evoke necessity to change your business’s core value.

How will the IR35 implementation affect your customers? Will it alter the way they interact with you? Will is jeopardize your B2C relationship? If your function is related to a customer’s limited company, will the relationship be severed completely? There are many considerations involved in your decision to prepare.

Whatever your vantage point it’s important that you don’t manage your change the way you believe other businesses would manage it, success will mean managing it with the personality of your own company.

The only reason for change in any organisation is to help it become more successful. When people thrive, organisations thrive too and whether the focus of your change is on your physical workplace, company structure, technology, communications, servicing your customers, the way you work or on your team itself, keep in mind that people are the one variable your business can’t do without.

IR35 reform takes place in 8 short months, why not make your business adaptation and have your own umbrella company ready and waiting for your retained and loyal clients. If you offer umbrella services in conjunction with your present financial services, there’s far less reason for clients to leave you, regardless of contract status in the future, you have the product to cater for all their needs.