Our Umbrella Payroll

It’s Time To Consider An Upgrade!

The Umbrella-In-A-Box Umbrella Payroll Software Package Encompasses All Of This And Much More.


To cultivate a reputation of reliability, umbrella companies must focus on their processing ability.

Sure, there are rewards and other peripheral items that may be attractive to contractors and recruiters, but when it really comes down to the nuts-and-bolts everyone in your supply chain relies upon you processing PAYE accurately, efficiently, and in a user-friendly way.

To do this you need a few things in place:

  • Smart payroll automation
  • Advanced communicative tools
  • Elimination of human error
  • Ability to keep accurate, times-stamped customer records
  • Intuitive software that identifies potential errors
  • Ability to run multiple pay cycles per day
  • Full analytic reporting
  • Auto-prompts and notifications for contractors


Our software bundle is available for lease should you wish to upgrade your current system, or launch a brand new product. We’ll provide full training to your team, and our lease rates will remain fixed from the start of our agreement. Start today for as little as £699/month.

Still not convinced? Request a demo of our software today, we’re certain that it will exceed your needs and expectations of umbrella processing capability.