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If Your End Users Have Valuable Workforce Caught By IR35
You Can Continue To Engage With Them & Your Best Contractors.

Full Support & Training

Full training & ongoing support is provided as standard, with additional options for your teams training.


Now any recruitment agency can take control of their workers employment.

We make setting up your own Umbrella Company easy and cost-effective. This means that agencies of all sizes can now keep control of the entire workforce instead of outsourcing to third parties who can cause issues outside of your control.

Umbrella company software


If operating your own PAYE or Umbrella service is something that you are trying to avoid for employment liability reasons or simply that it would distract you from your core business of recruitment, then why not consider our exclusive ‘outsourced’ employment and payroll service operated by one of our partner regulated Chartered Accountants? Our partners are all members of a professional accountancy organisation, and 100% compliance is guaranteed using our proprietary UIAB software. The cost to you, ZERO


You can save countless hours checking for and maintaining compliance.

By taking control of contractors employment for you, we automatically take responsibility for all your employer compliance, insurances, HMRC Tax and NI, statutory payments and auto-enrolment. Hours wasting with compliance packs are a thing of the past. This Means You Can Set Up Your Own Umbrella In Preparation For 2021 Virtually RISK-FREE While Minimising Financial Risks.

We Can Help Recruitment Agencies Form Umbrella Companies Fast.


What's in the box?

Everything you would expect and much more. We don’t just offer software, we offer a complete solution tailored to the kind of Umbrella Company service you wish to run.

Employed PAYE Model

All contractors are employed under a contract of employment and receive full statutory entitlements.

Fast, Efficient & Secure Software

Front end Contractor mobile friendly portal and App, complete back of office setup with SSL.

24 Hour On boarding

Our fast and efficient on-boarding service allows contractors to be set up and paid within 24 hours.

Dynamic Compliance

Fully compliant in all aspects of tax and employment law and associated legislation (IR35, AWR, MSC) automatically.

Professional Support

Full training and support 

(phone, online, video) and online manuals.

Intermediaries Reporting

Supply of all required information on a quarterly basis for your reporting requirements

Dedicated CRM

A dedicated Client Relationship Manager acting as one point of contact for you and your contractors.

Same Day Payments

We make same-day payments as standard and operate multiple pay runs each day.

Insurance Guidance

UIAB will guide you towards cost-effective, proven insurance providers who will tailor a policy that incorporates employers’ liability, public liability, and professional indemnity for you.

All Contracts & Legal Text

We provide employment contracts, pension details, payslips, insurance documents to keep you covered.


we manage all your payroll functions, so you never have to worry about payments. Employees are paid accurately on time - every time.


We manage your employment obligations, so you have no worries about holiday pay, maternity or sickness cover, or pensions.


We keep you dynamically compliant automatically, so you never have to worry about changing legislation causing stress or financial risk.


We keep you onside with HMRC with automatic calculations and payments, so you know all HMRC Tax and NI is paid on time without fines.

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